Carey and Debbie above Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring



Published March 3, 2003



"So what the heck are you two doing, exactly?  And, well, are you nuts?"

Good questions.  Frequently asked ones anyway, so here's the short version:

Now, if you're reading this website you probably know who Debbie and/or Carey are somehow.   If not, just imagine some happy, active, young-ish couple you do know and extrapolate from there.

We have both lived happily in Austin, Texas for many years.  As everyone now knows, Austin is a "cool" place to live.  And as often happens to cool things, they eventually get "discovered" and mutate into different, but not necessarily better things.  Upshot is, a couple of years ago we started thinking that we'd like to find somewhere different to try living.

That's all pretty straightforward logic.  Exactly how we concluded that we should move into a Post Office Box is a little fuzzier.  But suffice to say, we became taken with the concept and have spent the last year or so reading books and surfing the internet and going to RV shows, parks, and dealers and generally learning  everything we could about what is known as "Full Time RV-ing."

So we are selling our ground-based homes and will live in the motorhome, roaming leisurely around the country.  Note that we will not be "on vacation" but actually living for a while in a series of different places.  Kinda like moving to change jobs all the time, but without having to ever pack.  We have found a rather innovative motorhome design that is extra-roomy and feels much more like an apartment on wheels than a tunnel-like bus.

We'll be getting a Motosat Datastorm 2-way internet satellite system installed, and have designed a sort-of murphy-bed/pop-up-desk that will let the bedroom serve as a mobile office for Carey to continue working on new Digital Vehicles computer projects during non-sleeping hours.  Note that Digital Vehicles Inc. will remain headquartered at and capable of producing simulation hardware from its 2007 Kramer Lane office space in Austin.

Debbie will have her computer in the living room sharing the Motosat connection, and we'll soon be getting a cell phone to keep in touch nationwide.

We'll be towing the BMW M-Coupe behind the motorhome for brisk local transportation and some occasional autocross/road-course action.  All the sporting goods are coming too, including windsurfers, skates, tennis racquets, etc.  And of course, our ferocious AIBO Chucky will be along to protect us in case there's any trouble.

Oh, so are we nuts?  Probably.  But we invite you to keep checking back and follow along on our big adventure!


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