Carey and Debbie above Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring

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"Joshua Tree National Park"

    Indio, CA

    December 6, 2003

Story by Debbie


Joshua Tree National Park (nee National Monument) was in the vicinty, so we figured we'd take a quick trip out there after the tamale festival.  Well, "in the vicinty" out here means a 250-mile round trip, but fortified with tamales, we ventured forth.

Neither of us had been there before, and we opted to enter via the southern route.   We saw miles and miles of the same sort of stuff we'd been seeing for a long time, and then the real action started.  As you travel north, you see a bunch of...


cactus   Cactus trail   Brushy thing

giving way to rocks     Interesting rock formation   Piles and piles of rocks

and then boulders and Joshua trees     Dramatic boulder  Really big rocks

and eventually a real oasis with fan palms.     A couple of the rare fan palms   Cactus to oasis in one national park.


It's fed artifically now, but they swear it started with a natural spring.  We'll see about that...

 Debbie in investigational mode.


The late afternoon sun lined directly up with the road for a while and we had to pull over...



But the resulting golden light sure made things look cool...

Dramatically lit church near the park   Joshua tree   Joshua forest


We arrived in the largest Joshua Tree forest in the park as the moon was rising, and enjoyed a real visual treat...

 Moonrise   Moon still rising


Bye bye, Joshua Tree National Park.

We got a full day's worth Arizona does not have a monopoly on pretty sunsets.


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