Carey and Debbie above Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring

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"Crazy About Cactus in Saguaro National Park"

    Tucson, AZ

    November 22, 2003

Story by Carey


We went for a leisurely Saturday afternoon drive and a few short strolls in Tucson Mountain Park and the "West" half of Saguaro National Park.  The cacti are certainly enormous and plentiful around here, with some reaching 70 feet high over their several hundred year lifespan.


Tucson Mountain Park   Sonoran Desert Vista   Barrel Cactus looks good enough to eat


What are the odds?  Another of those dreaded red Jeeps that Debbie believes are taking over the world.

Blue Shoe and Evil Red Jeep near Gates Pass    Saguaro Forest   National Park Visitor Center

Dramatic View with Threatening Clouds    Prickly Pear with Saguaros and mountains beyond    One of many roadside picnic spots


We had paused on the desolate dirt loop road to take some pictures, when this (presumed) Kenyan runner suddenly and silently blew by us with astonishing velocity.  With a calm "hello" and a literal whooosh of air in his wake, he swept on up the hill, surely training for a marathon somewhere.   You see these guys on TV and think, "yeah, they're pretty quick" but this was breathtaking to experience at close range and in isolation like this.  Just pure, effortless human speed.  Amazing.

We're serenely parked on a lonely dirt road...    ... when a Kenyan zooms past out of nowhere!    Aw, what a happy couple

Twin twins   Looming giant   I dubbed this one "King Kactus"

Fleshy green on the outside, the Saguaro's have a strong, multi-stalked internal structure that gets revealed when they die.

Dead Saguaro   Saguaro stump   Hmmm, is that a lake, or a mirage?


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