Carey and Debbie above Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring

DEBCAR "Rollin' on 20s!" Calendar for 2010

Happy new year, everybody--here's a new folding bike adventures calendar for ya! Just like the 2009 edition I made last year, this 2010 version documents some of the most interesting rides from our RV travels around the country the previous year. According to my cycling log, I rode in 12 states in 2009 (CO, UT, AZ, TX, AL, GA, TN, WI, MI, MN, IL, OK). Surprisingly, that is the same number as in 2008, although many of the states are different.

The year started out with some snowy road riding in Colorado, but we then got lucky with a couple weeks of warm weather in early February and squeezed in some amazing rides in Moab, Utah on our way south to Arizona for the spring riding season. I took full advantage the warmth and ample mountain biking opportunities around Phoenix and Tucson, and racked up some 500 miles of gnarly trails in 5 weeks before we had to head back to our home base of Austin, Texas for a short stay.

Sneaked in a day-ride at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama on our way east to Georgia, where I spent almost six months working on several new driving simulation projects. Happily, that work was located in the northern part of Georgia, so I got out for several long, challenging days in the mountains around Dahlonega and Ellijay. (Man, is Georgia sweltering in the summer!) We were there so long I joined the local Gainesville chapter of SORBA / IMBA, tagged along on a group ride, and entered my first mountain bike racing event, a time trial at their excellent local MTB spot Chicopee Woods. Not surprisingly given my 20-inch wheels, I was not exactly fast over the rather technical loop, but I did finish less than a minute off the podium in the "40+ male novice racer" class (and I didn't crash!) so that was a pretty satisfying experience.

As fall arrived and temperatures in Georgia finally started to moderate, we (naturally) packed up and headed north. Waaaay north, straight into wintertime it seemed, with snow falling in early October. We spent a month or so exploring the towns and forests of Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and even tossed in a day trip over to Duluth, Minnesota to sample the lumpy trails of Piedmont Park and to catch the fantastic Race Across the Sky mountain biking movie on the big screen.

Finished out the year with a couple of chilly months working the Chicago area, where weather and terrain combined to favor urban riding over mountain biking, although I did manage to find a little dirt in the form of the southern segment of the Des Plaines River Trail and the respectable singletrack of Palos Park. We headed south to Texas just in time for Christmas, and I got in an excellent day of riding rocks at Turkey Mountain Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the way down.

So, it's been a busy year (too busy to post much, sorry!) but that's the quick recap. Hope y'all enjoy the calendar and have a fine 2010!




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"Recalling great rides on our twenty-inch folding bikes from the previous year. . ."

"Started the new year in style with a snowy fifty mile road ride on Rim Rock Drive in Grand Junction, CO"


"Wintertime in MTB Mecca (Moab, UT) included a day-long adventure combining Gemini Bridges, Gold Bar Rim, Portal, and Poison Spider."


"Moab terrain ranged from ultra-grippy sandstone on the Slickrock trail to seemingly endless stretches of fine, deep sand on Poison Spider."


"We escaped from winter to glorious spring riding conditions in the rocky mountains and blooming deserts of Arizona."


"The Pass Mountain loop was a hidden jewel just north of Phoenix, while good times were had by all on the AZ Spring Fling group ride south of Tucson."


"A short stay in Austin, TX included several fun rides with friends Don and Dave at Muleshoe and Walnut Creek parks."


"A long, hot, wet summer in north Georgia included a grueling ride among outsized plant life on the Bear Creek and Pinhoti trails."


"After a stop in Chattanooga, TN for an excellent ride on Raccoon Mountain, we found ourselves enveloped by autumn colors in Wisconsin."


"A dusting of snow enhanced the Levis-Trow IMBA Epic in WI, while the famous lift bridge in Duluth, MN tries to hide from view."


"Carey climbs the Stairway to Heaven in Copper Harbor (Upper Peninsula MI), while Debbie points out both cycling and grammatical rules in Madison, WI."


"Debbie used MTB zen to follow trails through the leaves at Reforestation Camp outside Green Bay, but Carey just clowned around in Milwaukee."


"Urban riding among the big towers was the fun way to explore Chicago, IL, while Turkey Mountain provided towering puzzles of rock in Tulsa, OK."


"We hope you enjoyed this 2010 calendar from DEBCAR.COM : Debbie and Carey’s RV Travel Website!"